The Benefits of Dog Walkers

Exercise is essential for the maintenance of a healthy body weight in dogs. Being overweight or obese reduces both a dog’s life expectancy & their quality of life, & is associated with an increased risk of medical conditions including osteoarthritis, cardiovascular & respiratory diseases, diabetes & infections.

Over & above the obvious dog walking physical benefits, the provision of regular walking helps dogs to achieve normal energy levels & a healthy, balanced state of mind. Many common canine behavioural problems such as hyperactivity, anxiety & aggression can stem from lack of appropriate exercise.

To be happy & fulfilled, all dogs need to walk. Dogs have an inborn need to be active, with the need to ‘migrate’ being hardwired into their brains. Walking dogs is about so much more than getting fresh air & a chance to relieve themselves. Walks provide not only physical exercise, but also mental stimulation. They allow your dog to explore their environment & interact with the other animals & humans in it.

By walking your dog(s) in a variety of rural Midlothian locations, we strive to fulfil these needs & return your dog to you in a happy, healthy state.

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